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Too long ago you promised yourself that one day you would own a brand-new airplane. Now is the time to fulfill that most important promise you made to yourself. The Colt also delivers on the promises first made when the LSA category was introduced. Namely: it’s easy to fly, easy to maintain and realistic to own. No matter how you measure it, the new Colt is a true thoroughbred among light sport aircraft!

Here’s just a sampling of what sets the Texas Aircraft Colt apart from other LSAs:

  • Semi-cantilever, high-wing design
  • All aviation-grade aluminum airframe with all solid metal rivets
  • Welded chromoly passenger safety cell with optional GRS ballistic parachute
  • Dual, padded, leather-wrapped yokes and handcrafted leather upholstery
  • Dynon SkyView HDX touchscreen avionics suite with synthetic vision and optional two-axis autopilot
  • Lightweight, composite carbon fiber cowling, fairings, wing tips, and wheel pants
  • Assembled with pride in Texas by our team of U.S. veterans and dedicated professionals.

The new Colt is PROVEN.

Created by the legendary Brazilian aircraft designer, Caio Jordão, founder of INPAER, the Colt was inspired by INPAER’s popular family of light aircraft. With a fleet of over 300 aircraft accumulating over 150,000 hours, these are by far Brazil’s most popular, and proven family of personal aircraft. All this experience has yielded the Colt, an all-new value-priced S-LSA that is sleek, stylish, safe – and most of all, a lot of fun to fly.

The new Colt is PIONEERING.

The Colt is the first U.S. made high-wing LSA built with an all aviation-grade aluminum airframe, solid metal rivets and a welded chromoly passenger safety cell. To complement all of the airframe safety systems, the Colt comes standard with a NextGen 2020 compliant Dynon SkyView HDX avionics suite that will enhance your safety and situational awareness in all phases of flight.

The new Colt is PROUD.

Each new-generation Colt is proudly made in Texas using advanced equipment and fabrication techniques to create the individual components, which are then hand assembled by our team of dedicated, quality- minded professionals. In addition, significant numbers of our shop employees, fabricators and assembly technicians are U.S. veterans. They bring military precision to each Colt, and they know how to do the job right the first time.


In keeping our commitment to deliver the best experience in the LSA market, the Texas Aircraft Colt features the Dynon SkyView HDX avionics suite. This vibrant, high-resolution 10” EFIS delivers breakthrough ergonomics and an intuitive touchscreen interface that adds an unparalleled level of sophistication and ease-of-use. The all-new Texas Aircraft Colt’s state-of-the-art Dynon avionics suite will deliver the information and situational awareness you want to make your flying fun and safe.


During its design and development, Texas Aircraft designed and built special load-testing jigs to statically stress the Colt’s welded chromoly fuselage and wings. The wings were stress tested to up to 6gs – which is higher than required by the ASTM S-LSA standards. The all-new Texas Aircraft Colt’s airframe is crafted out of aviation- grade aluminum with solid metal rivets and the Chromoly steel tubing is hand welded into an extremely strong passenger safety cell.


The Colt’s cabin features upholstery in the customer’s choice of rugged fabrics or first-class leathers and included dual, leather-wrapped yokes. The welded chromoly seat frames are covered with durable and comfortable polyurethane foam inserts. The fit, finish, and quality of the Colt’s interior is something that you will be truly proud to share with your flying friends and family. 

Colt Performace Specifications

Saddle Up. This Colt Has Some Kick!

Engine Type:
100 horsepower Rotax 912 ULS

Propeller Type:
Sterna composite, three-blade 

Maximum Cruise Speed:
118 Knots

Cruise Speed (Vc) at 75% power:
110 knots

Never Exceed speed (Vne):
134 knots

Stall Speed:
38 knots – Flaps (VSE)
44 knots – Clean (VS)

Takeoff Distance (50 foot obstacle):
1,085 ft  (331 meters)

Landing Distance (50 foot obstacle):
1,044 ft (318 meters)

Climb Rate (Vy):
800 ft /min at Vy

Service Ceiling:
14,500 feet

Operating Weights:
Gross weight: 1,320 lbs (598 kg)

Empty weight:
851 lbs (386 kg) 

Useful Load:
469 lbs (213 kg) empty

Fuel and Oil Capacities:

Fuel Capacity:
31.7 US gallons (120 l)

Fuel Economy (at 75% power):
4.9 US gal/h (18.5 l/h)

Approved Fuel Type:
100LL Avgas

Oil Capacity:
3.5 quarts (3 l)

Exterior Dimensions:

23’ 3” (7.1m)

7’ 7” (2.3 m)

32’ 3” (9.8 m)

Interior Dimensions:

Cabin Height:
3’8” (1.2 m) 

Cabin Width:
3’6” (1.09 m)

Seat Width:
16” (0.4 m)

Maximum Baggage Weight:
44 lbs (20 kg)

Baggage Area Volume:
38” x 22” (0.96 x 0.55 m)


Texas Aircraft’s engineering team worked with Sterna Propeller’s specialty composites team to design a custom three-blade composite propeller specifically for Texas Aircraft’s Colt.


Take The Reins of 100 Horses.


The Colt features the highly-reliable Rotax 912 ULS engine featuring:

  • 100 horsepower at 5,800 RPM
  • 2,000 hour Time Between Overhaul (TBO)
  • Four-cylinder/Four-stroke with liquid/air-cooling
  • Dual carburetors
  • Mechanical fuel pump
  • Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank with automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet


It Takes Just Seconds To Save A Life.

Keeping your safety as our number one priority, our engineers have complemented the Colt’s built-in structural integrity with a state-of-the-art ballistic parachute (optional on Colt-S), welded chromoly steel safety cell (CrMo, Chrome Molybdenum Steel), four-point Hooker, passenger harnesses, Dynon SkyView with 3-D graphics, synthetic vision, and more.

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