Learn more about what makes the Colt’s airframe safe, strong and a standout choice for those looking for a long-lasting LSA.

Welded Chromoly Steel Safety Cell

The heart of a Colt is its Chromoly steel safety cell which begins with premium quality Chromoly steel (CrMo, Chrome Molybdenum Steel) tubing which is hand-welded into an extremely strong passenger safety cell.
Strong. Rugged. Steel. Your safety is priority number one.

Aviation-Grade Aluminum

The all-new Texas Aircraft Colt’s airframe is crafted out of aviation-grade aluminum. The individual aluminum airframe sections including the wing ribs, main spar, fuselage sections, stringers and all other components are treated zinc chromate to inhibit corrosion. The Colt’s Aluminum body is beautiful not only to your eyes, but to your wallet. Aluminum is easier and less expensive to repair than composite, plus finding a qualified repair center is much less painful.

Solid Metal Rivets

The main airframe sections are assembled using solid metal rivets – that’s unique to the Colt – which gives the final airframe great strength and robustness to stand up to the rigors of flight training and weekend adventures.

Designed and Engineered New Testing Jigs

In the development and certification process, Texas Aircraft’s engineering team had to develop new, robust jigs and methods to test various parts of the airframe to ensure they meet or exceed the ASTM standards including static wing testing, horizontal stabilizer testing, landing gear drop tests, engine mount torque tests as well as other structural testing. We are pleased with the results and you will be proud to fly your Colt.

Hand-crafted Production

Our passionate team uses advanced equipment and fabrication techniques to create the individual components, which are then hand assembled by our team of dedicated, quality-minded professionals.

Many of our shop employees, fabricators and assembly technicians are U.S. veterans. They bring military precision to each Colt, and they know how to get the job right the first time.

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